BIMfest 18.12.2010     BIMfest 18.12.2010     BIMfest 18.12.2010

BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010

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15/07/2010   BodyBeats Pre-BIMFEST-Night on Friday, December 17th

News Good news for those of you who can’t get enough and are thinking of making a weekend trip to the beautiful city of Antwerp… because BodyBeats Productions is planning, as we speak, a PRE-BIMFEST-NIGHT on Friday 17th of December  in Trix Club!

That’s right! The evening before our BIMFEST takes off, even more bands will perform for you, of course followed by an über-affen-titte-geile after party!

Or like we at BodyBeats say... Another treat for the freaks!

We will post the line-up/program for this Pre-BIMFest as soon as al bands are confirmed!

Tickets & combi-tickets are already available on our online ticket ordering pages!

ONLY 450 tickets will be available for the this Pre-BIMFEST- Night!

01/07/2010   LAIBACH is releasing new albums!

News In honour of the 30th anniversary of the existence and work of Laibach, the group has decided to release two very special limited edition albums in CD and vinyl versions.

The LAIBACH REVISITED double album will include a complete version of the first classic Laibach album (LAIBACH, 1985), re-mastered from the original tapes with additional tracks included on the disc one. The second disc will present newly arranged and recorded versions of selected songs from the period 1980 – 1986. This album is due to be released in May 2010.

The VOLKSWAGNER double album will present a unique Laibachian interpretation of Richard Wagner’s music. Disc 1 will present a studio version of recorded and mixed material created in collaboration between Laibach, the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, and Izidor Leitinger. Disc 2 will present a selection of tracks recorded from live performances of the VOLKSWAGNER suite. This album is scheduled for release in the second half of 2010

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