BIMfest 18.12.2010     BIMfest 18.12.2010     BIMfest 18.12.2010

BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010

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20/08/2010   Du bist...DAF!

News Do you also feel the BIMFEST fever rising! ‘Gabi’ Delgado Lopez and Robert Goerl do!
The first of September they’ll release the one sided and limited to 2010 pieces 7” “Dub Bist DAF”.
Although this single does not come cheap ( € 10 for one song!), it will surely be a collector item in the near future. The 7” will only be available through the official DAF merchandising shop (Damned) or on DAF concerts.
So, you’d better bring some extra cash to our BIMFEST 2010!

Listen to a snippet of the new DAF song below!



09/08/2010   De Brassers soon with double vinyl compilation on Onderstroom Records!

News Onderstroom Records is working hard  on the release of the limited double vinyl album by Belgian cold wave legends De Brassers.  According to the band, the release should see the light of day in September this year. De Brassers play live on this years Bimfest edition!

Here is the tracklist of the upcoming vinyl album by De Brassers

Kontrole (rock rally LP)
En toen was er niets meer (single – bras records 001)
Twijfels (single – bras records 001)
Ik wil eruit (single – bras records 001)
Pijn (de brassers levend)

They Wanted us Away (12inch Kremlin)
Sick in your mind (12inch Kremlin)
I Heard The Scream Before (12inch Kremlin)
He (12inch Kremlin)
If There Is Something (live Velinx 1998)

NEO I Rise And Fall (de brassers levend)
NEO II I Wanna be on my Own (de brassers levend)
NEO III Living On The Edge (de brassers levend)
NEO VII Lean on me (de brassers levend)

I'm not afraid of you (de brassers levend vol. 2)
The last time (de brassers levend vol. 2)
I lost control again (de brassers levend vol. 2)
My night (de brassers levend vol. 2)

Onderstroom Records / De Brassers

09/08/2010   Walhalla Records promises new “Belgian Underground Wave” compilation!

News Walhalla Records promises us a new edition of the “Under Ground Belgian Wave” compilation series, out this autumn. This second edition will again contain a track from Emotional Violence,  indeed the band that will open this years edition of our bimfest.  This limited vinyl edition (500 copies only) is a must have for everyone who likes the autentic minimal electro wave sound from Belgium! A Dutch review of the first edition can be found  on the Dark Entries website

Walhalla Records

05/08/2010   BIM-PRE-FEST line-up complete!

News Finally after a lot of blood sweat & tears we managed to round-up our first ever BIM-PRE-FEST!
We hope you like what we came up with and to see you all there!

Click here to see the complete line-up!

23/07/2010   Welcome to our brand new BIMFEST 2010 website!

News Hello BIMFEST visitors!

Welcome to our brand new BIMFEST website! As you will notice there is still a lot of work to do here but we will try to fill and update these pages in the coming days, weeks and months.

So in the near future you can expect to find here:
- Interviews with all participating bands by our Dark Entries volunteers team.
- Newsflashes
- Info and updates about the festival

Hope you enjoy our BIMFEST pages and to see you all on BIMFEST 2010!

The BodyBeats & Dark Entries teams.

BodyBeats Productions
De Prins & Partners
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Dark Entries