BIMfest 18.12.2010     BIMfest 18.12.2010     BIMfest 18.12.2010

BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010

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25/09/2010   Interviews Portion Control and Bollock Brothers!

News Bimfest freaks,

On the band pages of Portion Contol and Bollock Brothers  you can find interviews with the bands. More interviews with bands playing on Bim-Pre-Fest en Bimfest are coming in the near future. Make sure to check them out. If you master the Dutch language you can find Dutch translations of the interviews on the Dark Entries website!

Directly to The Bollocks interview

Directly to the Portion Control interview

27/08/2010   DAF has a message for you!

News Check it out!

Thanks to Arjan Van Westen from Zwartjejas to makes this possible.

Live fragment; DAF @ Tivolu Utrecht, Summer Darkness 2010

26/08/2010   The Kids performed live on Belgian national Television!

News The 24the of august thé Belgian old school punk sensation The Kids joined Marcel Vantilt (tv presentator and member of the new wave band Arbeid Adelt) in his tv program Villa Vantilt on Belgian national television (VRT). Underneath you can find the the broadcast where the band prefromed 2 of their classics live, “Fascist Cops” and “Bloody Belgium” . Enjoy some punk attitude!

The Kids

26/08/2010   Autodafeh with new album on Bimfest!

News Swedish finest electro/ebm act autodafeh confirms in an interview with Dark Entries to be workding on a new album “Acts Of Faith” that wil see the light of day on the 7the December 2010. A few days before our Bimfest. You’ll get an exclusive opporunity to hear a few songs of this new album live and to buy it at our fest of course. More about Autodafeh can be read in an interview with the band throught this link. A dutch translation can be found on the Dark Entries website (including reviews of their releases)!

23/08/2010   'Hard copy' BIMFEST, BIM-PRE-FEST & Combi-tickets tickets available now!

News Since a lot of people (still) seem to like and collect ‘hard-copy’ tickets we decided to have some printed for you!
As from today these tickets can be obtained by the Fat Kat Records & Walhalla Records shops in Antwerp or at one of the many events where the Wool-e-shop and/or BodyBeats stall will be present.
Click here for the complete Wool-e-Shop calendar or here for the BodyBeats calendar!

For those who have an e-ticket, Fnac and Free Records ticket, don’t worry!
You will get a ‘real’ ticket in exchange for your e-ticket at the festivals box-offiche!

BodyBeats Productions
03.02 COMBICHRIST - Making Monsters Tour 2011 @ TRIX XL - Antwerp
De Luidspreker
De Prins & Partners
27.11 WELLE:ERDBALL @ TRIX Club - Antwerp - B