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BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010

The Bollock Brothers

The Bollock Brothers (GB) were never ashamed to cause controversy. Be it their own version of “Never Mind The Bollocks” or having the guest vocals from Michael Fagin (the guy who was arrested for sneaking into Buckingham Palace), Jock McDonald always did it with style. For this new wave/punkband Belgium has become a sort of second playground so get your gear ready to start dancing to cultclassics like “Horror Movies” or “The Last Supper”.

Below you'll find some video's of The Bolock Brothers + an interview by didier Becu for Dark Entries magazine!

(Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie van dit interview!)

Didier Becu of Dark Entries had a chat with Jock Mc Donnald, head and voice of The Famous Bollock Brothers...

Hello Jock,
For some The Bollock Brothers are an institution, do you see yourself that way?

Us an institution, really, do some see us this way, should I ask ARNO to answer this... No, not really Mr D.

Your first album has been the one with the The Sex Pistols covers? Why have you chose this album?

Our first album was the Last Supper, followed by the four horsemen of the apocalypse, never mind came later, we choose this as we felt the bite coming from our Electro Influence, some say we were the very first, done at the studio of John Komgas, cc Happy Mondays etc

I recently saw Johnny Lydon perform with PIL. Apart from the fact that it was a great show, I felt sorry for him... . This Icon had almost to beg the audience to listen to him...

John Lydon remains a genius, but living in the USA has done what’s left of his nut in, and being married to Nora who’s dad is the ass Chef of Der Spiegel mag in Germany, we we’re mates until my brother smacked a policeman in Dublin(off duty guard) rotten got caught, and banged up in Mountjoy prison.

Talking about Punk, what does it mean to you?

Punk means seeing the kids at BIMFEST and Peter flogging his cds with his lady, and me in the bar with a nice lady from west Flanders. (laughs)

Technically spoken you are not a Punkband but in spirit I think you are one of the biggest Punk bands ever, agree?

Total agreement!

You worked with Michael Fagan, I’m sure it must have given you some enemies?

Michael Fagan, god save the queen, wow enough said here Mr D

Not to speak about the many religious subjects you a parodying ...
Just because it’s funny? Or is it a real hate towards Christianity?

Ever thought that I LOVE Christianity Mr D, I do! The old testament in the Bible is fabulous, Abraham with his son, Joseph in Egypt, Moses parting the Red Sea, Joshua, where can one read anything like this!

In all honesty, I don’t know if you believe in God , but if there is one he cannot let an ex-Hitler-Jugend member be a leader of his church. I know you criticize it, but did you ever think it could come this far?

I totally belief in God, absolute, might be a wild lad, but this will NEVER falter, Didier. My dad was FIVE years in a camp in Poland, taken at Dunkirk, they were the poor sods that had to hold up Rommel, the French in total disarray, he was freed by the yanks, belief in god and Churchill was got him through, Ill get to you pope question in a min!

You might have been controversial as they say, but in all honest... I believe the world has become too soft! Imagine doing a song about Albert Speer these days!?

Albert Speer, the first person to enter Hitler’s bunker after the Russians had a field day and there was also an Irish American called J P Odonnell, related to us by Irish ancestor whom got the chance to speak to him. I saw his interview with Speer, that’s what made me write the song, Albert is back, hahaha...

Great that you take the time to answer these questions... many artists are lame these days!!!

Yes the bands are lame today, why, so much drugs available, once you guys close the borders the cartel had a field day, no more Bollocks left in the musicians, its lets say getting like football ...shite!
As ‘Uberpunks’, what do you think of the record industry that’s on his knees while free downloading seems to be cool.

Well on the industry let me say this, I’m suing our record company at the moment, ca va, on downloading, not such a bad thing after all...

One of your anthems is ‘Horror Movies’, a simple but yet so addictive song....

‘Horror Movies’, yes, so simple.... true, but effective, the Dewaele Brothers will shortly be re mixing it for me!

You also covered ‘Harley David’ by Serge Gainsbourg, one of my heros!
When I hear The Bollocks, I often compare him to you, not musically... But in the sense of living a maximum...

Gainsbourg, simply this Mr D, when I needed a friend and a break in the business he was there, I remain the ONLY person to RE-WRITE one of his songs, the rest only re-recordeds, find it strange that the girl who plays Jane Birkin in the new movie Gainsbourg, killed herself after having a row with her boyfriend in Paris, wonder what Serge would have made of this???

I used to be a DJ and played ‘Harley David’ a lot , and it worked everytime, also with people that didn’t understand a bit what it was about.

Harley David, a monster seller on PIAS, that made there company

I heard that this song has been remixed by the famous Dewaele Brothers?

Working with Stephan and David will be a honour for me, those Dewaele brothers are the Governors. They have also been so kind to my son Kilien, we met up again in Lyon with the Belgian cook Piet Huysentruyt, ‘What have we learned today?’... Bollocks! Hahaha. Yes so soon in Ghent recording and remixing!

The Bollock Brothers always had a special link with Belgium...even you drummer is a Belgian these days?

Drummer Patrick Pattyn is from Oostende, formerly NACHT UND NEBEL drummer...’Beats of Love’... Which we will do live in Antwerp to honour their singer Patrick Nebel (RIP)

Am I right to assume the UK was never before ready for The Bollock Brothers?

The UK is only now, starting to open up for us. As u said in one of your questions before, we got into a lot of trouble with our Michael Fagin adventure, recently we played Camden’s Purple Turtle... Fab gig, full house... Just fabulous!

As a band you tried almost everything, are there still things you like to try-out today?

As a band yes, make love to Kim Clijsters in the ladies toilet at Wimbledon!

I ask this to everyone, What’s your favourite record all times and why?

Fave record!? Wow what a choice .. ‘If I was a rich man’ by Topol, or ‘Baby your a rich man’ by The Beatles

What can the fans expect from The Bollock Brothers at the BIMFEST?

BIMFEST! Woww! We will show what we can really do on this one, totally!

Didier Becu for Dark Entries Magazine

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