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BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010

Sturm Cafe

Sturm Café (S) conquered the EBM-market with their album “So Seelisch, So Schön” some years ago but despite raving reviews they decided to split up. 2010 is not only the year of their rebirth but also the year that brings them to BIMFEST and as they’ve been compared more than once to DAF, the choice of having them this year is more than justified. This Swedish old-school EBM act is an absolute must for everyone who once sold his heart to the mighty Nitzer Ebb-beat.

Below you can enjoy some video's and an exclusive interview with the band!

Sturm cafe

Can you introduce Sturm Café to the Belgian public?

Sturm Café is me, Gustav on live drums and Jonatan on vocals. We come from the city of Gävle, 90 minutes north of the Swedish capital, Stockholm and we have been around since 2001.

Why did you choose the rather funny name of Sturm Café for your band?

It was my dad that came up with the name, he just listened to our songs and spoke out ‘your name should be Sturm Café’, there is no deeper meaning about it.

Some bands describe their sound as 100% pure ebm. Is this a label that would also fit Sturm Café?

Sturm Café is ‘100% oldschool’, we use only old equipment for our music and try to emulate the sounds of the 80's, but we are not 100% pure EBM. We try to make rather poppy music but within the frames of minimal EBM.

If Spetsnaz is the Swedish Nitzer Ebb, then Sturm Café can be considered as the Swedish DAF. Do you agree with this statement?

We have been huge fans of DAF since our early teens and I recognize some similarities, but I consider DAF a punk band and we lack their nihilistic attitude. We make most of our songs in the regular pop verse/refrain format unlike them.

What music do you listen to at home? What bands was Sturm Café influenced by musically?

Some of our favorite bands and inspiration within electronic music includes Parade Ground, Dernière Volonté, Cabaret Voltaire, Rheingold, Liaisons Dangereuses, Keine Ahnung, Absolute Body Control etc.

How does a Sturm Café song originate and develop?

Normally Jonatan is creating some melody loops and bass lines from the synthesizers, when he gets tired I step in and organize the loops and add beats and structure to it. Then we create the lyrics together and Jonatan records his vocals.

What are the lyrics about? Where do you find inspiration for them?

The lyrics are about love, war and everything in between.

Why did you decide to sing your lyrics in German instead of Swedish or English?

Jonatan studied German in school and we are both germanist so we wanted to try something diffrent then the typical English speaking pop music that we grew up with.

Can you tell us something more about the making of the album “So Seelisch, So Schön!” What’s your favourite song on this album and why?

I like the album, most of the songs were written when we were 17 years old, the album has a great nostalgic value to us. But a song I really like is “Ich Spekuliere“, a very poppy song that was a humage both to Jerry Lee Lewis and Rheingold.

The first and onlySturm Café album dates back to 2005. When can we expect a new album?

We hope to release a new album in early 2011.

Can you comment the recent (2010) Sturm Café single “Koka Kola Freiheit”?

“Koka Kola Freiheit” is a fine representative of the new sound of Sturm Café. Driven analoge bass lines with powerful melodies and lyrics that criticizes the (post-)modern world.

Can you tell us something more about the new wave/industrial/ebm scene in Sweden? In which cities is it concentrated? Is it really underground or rather popular? Are there parties and concerts every weekend?

The scene is pretty much concentrated to the big cities like Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. In our city there is nothing going on really, we have to go to Stockholm to experience that kind of music or to perform live. The scene is small but pretty accepted , its not entirely uncommon to find a review of a new synth/industrial album or concert in one of the big nationwide newspapers.

Sturm Café composed music for the soundtrack of the zombie movie Die Zombiejäger. Can you tell us more about this movie and its soundtrack? How did this collaboration originate? Is it worthwile to see the movie or buy the dvd?

We got an email back in 2003 from the director who asked us to make a song for the movie, and we did that right away and it became pretty popular in the EBM community. But the movie was released many years later, I actually think that our song is more well known than the movie itself. I think the movie is pretty lame, but I am sure a lot of trash cinema enthusiasts out there would love it.

What can we expect from the Sturm Café concert at the BIM festival in Antwerp, Belgium?

New and old songs and a lot of energy.

Whats your opinion concerning the line up of the BIM festival? Are there any concerts on the BIM festival in Belgium that you would like to attend yourself?

DAF and Laibach for sure and our swedish friends, Autodafeh. The rest is pretty unknown for us, but we will try to see all the concerts. Then we will try to experience all the nice brands of belgian beers, we are big fans of those!

A very good idea! Do you have a last message for our readers? Why should they come and see Sturm Café at the BIM festival in Antwerp, Belgium?

They should come and see us because it is our first ever live perfomance in Belgium and we will bring love!

(Interview by Henk Vereecken for Dark Entries Magazine)

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