BIMfest 18.12.2010     BIMfest 18.12.2010     BIMfest 18.12.2010

BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010
Emotional Violence

Emotional Violence

Emotional Violence (B) has the honour to open this year’s BIMFEST. After recently having appeared on the highly acclaimed “Underground Belgian Wave Volume 1”-album on Walhalla records, these Belgians will be back on stage after years of silence. A real blast from the past that will launch you back in days where the sound of minimal synth ruled.

Below you can find an interview with the band by Dark Entries Magazine!

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Bimfest stands for Belgian Independant Musci Festival so it is only justice that there are Belgian bands to be seen. Every year there are some well known names and for this year these are The Kids and De Brassers.
However, each year there are also a few new or unknown names to be discovered. Unknown but not unloved and the great unknown factor is this year Emotional Violence, a band from Antwerp. They surfaced again out of the cold water because of the Walhalla compilation but further information was impossible to find. Being Dark Entries it was our duty to make some much needed inquiries...

Hi there, could you introduce yourself? Because finding information about you guys seems to be very difficult...

Emotional Violence is an Antwerp band founded in the eighties by Jo Blomm? and Danny Rouben. Danny left, Hans De Scheemaeker and later on Jo Langie joined the band. Occasionally also Henny Warroux added her deep sweet voice to the mix. Finally Hans left whereupon Jo and Jo continued Emotional Violence on the two of them.
While surfing the dark new waves of the eighties, and adding a glittering melodic colour to that, Emotional Violence played many gigs in the Antwerp region in well known places like De Panda, Duizend Appeltjes, Jays, YMCA, Paradox, and together with bands like The Neon Judgement, The Weathermen, A Split Second, and others.
After some years off, Emotional Violence gets back to the musical scene with a fresh new remix of their original music and with new tracks on the way.

Were you in that famous "network", the hometaping cassette trading world?

Yes, our tapes went around quite a bit, without us knowing that is.

How come you started again all of the sudden?

By coincidence we (Jo Blomm? and Jo Langie) met each other again and found that the music was still very much alive and kicking in our lives.

All because of the Walhalla compilation or was the musical itch returning before that?

Well we never lost that itch but the Walhalla compilation did give us a nudge towards our comeback.

Did you do anything with music since the time with Emotional Violence?

Making music ourselves has been on the background for a long time because of work and being the family man.
Jo L. has always been busy in music professionally, with R&D for music software like MU.LAB on

And is there some talk of a new start? Some new songs or something?

Yeah we definitely want to. We made a first step towards remaking our old tracks. Our passion is still there and we are looking forward to do some jam sessions... We wil see what comes of that.

What can we expect from you guys at Bimfest?

Electrobeats with a bit of rock, om a bed of passionate technowave and topped with a spicy drum cola!


(Interview by chris Konings for Dark Entries magazine)

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