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BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010


Autodafeh (S) (named after the SPK-album Auto Da Fé) got born in 2007 and in little time this trio became one of the most promising acts from the EBM-genre. With an ever growing fanbase Autodafeh released this year the highly acclaimed “Identity Unknown” on which they got the collaboration from both Daniel B (Front 242) and Claus Larsen (Leather Strip). Some say they’re a bit like Nitzer Ebb, others claim Front 242 but the more you got to hear them, the more you hear Autodafeh.

Below you can enjoy some live video's of the band and an interview by Kurt Ingels for Dark Entries Magazine!

(voor de Nederlandstalinge versie klik hier)

'A lot of energy, loads of good songs and a great festival!'

Autodafeh began it’s journey in 2007…nearly 3 years (2 albums and an EP later ) the band gained international recognition and moved to the forefront of the international ebm scene? Can u tell us the secret recipe behind Autodafeh? Who and what is Autodafeh?
Autodafeh is a Swedish Electro/EBM band with the members Anders, Jesper and Mika. We all grew up listening to the 80’s electronic music, and I think that’s where we picked up our sound and our main influences. We work on a basis that “ A good song is a good song” no matter of the style, ie slow or energetic song.

Why did you take the album title of the SPK album as name for the band? Well at least I suppose you did?
It’s true! The name was taken from the SPK album ”auto dá fé ”but we changed it to AUTODAFEH to make it a little bit different and more “modern” ... I think we took it becuase it sounded right at the moment...and it means “act of faith”.

The first album “Hunt For Glory” appeared already in 2008 I suppose you guys got already lots of experience in making music and being in bands since there is nearly one year in between the formation of the band and the first album. Can you tell us something about your musical backgrounds?

We all come from the EBM/Electro - Synth background and Anders and Mika have worked together in various projects before Autodafeh, I think all three of us have more or less the same thinking when it comes to music and we found that we could make music together, and have a great time while doing that. And having the same influences is probably a key factor to our good work together.

You guys don’t hide your influences. Yes, Autodafeh sounds like Front 242 in their early days, and also legendary ebm bands like Nitzer Ebb are quoted as an influence. Can you tell us what makes this kind of electronic music so special that you decided to form a band around it? Besides ebm music are there other musical influences or even other non ebm bands you like personally?
It's not so surprising that Autodafeh sounds like Front 242 sometimes. We are old fans and we love the classic Electro/EBM music (style). Nowadays it might be hard for a band to find their own style, but as you get older (and wiser ;) you gain more experience and you probably find your own style. Most of the music styles today are a mixture of many different styles. I think we might have taken that old School style a bit further though. We love all kind of music. A good song is a good song, even if it’s EBM or not.

The ep “Re:lectro” could be seen as a kind of statement, it’s back to the original sound but still fits in modern times really well.., could this be the formula for success of Autodafeh clearly influenced by the the former big ebm bands, but intelligent enough to add fresh and modern sounds to the whole?

It is a statement in a way, we wanted to pay our respect to the old school era, and our old influences, we also wanted to do some proper old school songs, with a new touch, and we had fun doing that. We think the EP turned out really good.

How do you deal with the sometimes negative image of ebm in popularimedia, it is often described as aggressive, militarsitic!? What’s your answer to it? I still remember Front 242 being called fascists in media in the aerly ‘80 which made the band react furious, claiming they were rather the contrary…
To be honest, we haven’t read or heard anything like that since the 80’s. We totally understand that F242 took a stand against that. We’re a non political band and the only “bad” thing we have experienced was when we had a day off in Italy, and was sightseeing and a couple of middle-aged men did the german - 2nd world war salute in front of us. My guess is that they had a some what angled point of view, and we had short hair and wore camo-clothes.

And what is it about Sweden, it seems like this country is full of quality ebm bands these days , a bit like Belgium was in the ’80? Is there a big ebm /electro scene in Sweden or is everybody involved playing in an ebm band these days?
The scene continues to grow everyday, maybe all kinds of dark wave music fit in to this country, we live in darkness for the most of the year, not much sun here *LOL* Also it’s a lot easier to make music today compared to ten years ago, today, all you really need is a computer and the knowledge of playing, in the yesteryears you had to have a big studio, a lot of synths and drum machines and so on, but today, if you want to, all that fit’s into a computer, even a lap top.

Are their secret, upcoming electro / ebm acts we should be aware of here in Belgium? We know Sturmcafé (also on the festival bill) of course…Well new acts are being born constantly over here, so its just to follow the threads in various forums and you will find new acts for sure =), but you could always check out Spark!

“Identity Unknown” was released this year and seems as a whole a bit heavier (it was compared in our review with the likes of Front 242 during their “Front By Front” “Up Evil” en “Off” period) then the former work? Do you agree with this. Why Or Why not?
We think that this album was a step in the right direction for us, to create an even darker sound and at the same time make it more interesting, we continue to develop and so does our music. We will always write music that we like ourselves, even if we are being compared to other bands and their work.

Are there any concrete plans for new material coming up in the near future, maybe even before the Belgian Independent Music Festival on the 18the of December in Antwerp!?
YES! :D The third album with the title “Act Of Faith” will be released on the 7th of December this year when we are playing with Front 242 in Rome, there will be a song or two when we play at your festival!

Which band do you like to see yourself from the Bimfest line up and why?
All the bands off course.. Oh well I really want to see Laibach...Every band in the lineup will be great to see and hear, we can put it in one word, musicparty!

I suppose you guys like Belgium beer since The Leffe add on the website? How was your first Belgian experience (in Doornik) by the way?It was fabulous and we do love the Belgium beer. Thruout the years we have got a lot of friends in Belgium and it’s always nice to meet them again and taste new brews :D.

What may the audience expect from Autodafeh on the upcoming Bimfest show?
A lot of energy, loads of good songs and a great festival!

Any last words for our readers, why should they surely come to the Bimfest festival and surely see the show by Autodafeh? Nostalgia and earcandy=)
We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 18th of December!
Keep the scene alive.

(Interview by Kurt Ingels for Dark Entries Magazine)

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