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BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010
BIMfest 18.12.2010
Sixth June

Sixth June

(SERB) are a new band from Belgrade who happen to be influenced by everything that has a synthesizersound and found its origin in the eighties. They recently released their debut album “Everything” on Genetic Music’s side label No EBM Blanc and got positive feedback from minimal wave-fans worldwide, they can be ranked in the list of new talents that you better don’t miss.

Below you can read an interview with the band by Didier Becu of Dark Entries Magazine.

An interview by Didier Becu of Dark Entries Magazine (Voor Nederlanstalige versie klik hier).

"It's quite a standard procedure for people to compare us to bigger names ... But as long if we are not compared with ZZ Top or Rod Steward, we are quite safe I guess..."

Everybody’s talking about Sixth June but no one knows who you are, so now it’s the time to present yourself...
It’s clear that your love goes back to the 80’s, so is it fair to state Sixth June are an 80’s band? I mean it was genius what I heard, but it sounded more like Martin Dupont or A Blaze Colour.

Yes, we surely think that the 80s were the most creative decade in music, so for us its natural to be most inspired with something for which we think is / was the best. On the other hand , we both were born in the 80s. So our origin surely goes back to that period. So it is fair to state Sixth June as an 80’s band J. The thing with us is that beside 80s music, we are really inspired with a lot of different genres and artists, and for us its really important not to close our creativity in any style. Honestly to say, we don’t want to belong to any particular style, cause that would mean that we will limit our work to only one field. We feel free to do what we like, and we believe that our work can change and develop, and not to get stuck in one style, which could be the easier way, but not the creative one.

Someone compared you with Clan Of Xymox on his blogspot, I first shaked my head but a day after it’s not such a bad comparision…

Yes it’s a quite good comparison, even if C.O.X is not the first band which would come to our mind to compare our music with. But it’s normal that people always love to compare something new with something which they already know well, to make the new thing more familiar. So since we are not compared with ZZ Top, or Rod Steward, we have nothing against it J

The reason why I thought that was because the keyword in Sixth June seems to be melancholy…

With one word it won’t be easy to characterize how that sounds what we are doing, but we would say: dark, blue, maybe sad, but expressive, powerful and danceable.

You guys are from Belgrade, to be totally honest with you : we know nothing about the scene over there!!!
I use the word “scene” but is there really a minimal synth-scene in your area of are you just some loners?

There is no such scene as minimal-synth in Serbia, that’s for sure, but there are some good bands who are working, and playing live, making it possible for the ones who love such music to feel that at least something is happening there as well.

Where did you find your inspiration for your music?

We found the inspiration near our house, one afternoon. Since then we all live together... :-)
Well... we don’t really bother ourselves with searching for inspiration, its of course all around us. We R quite visual types, so we really recognize things around us, we don’t walk with closed eyes, and this is enough to find inspiration everywhere for music, or visual arts as well.

I mean this with respect but it seems like East Europe is becoming the centre of the better music these days and I think because (due to politics) those Western bands were totally unknown in Easty Europe.

Actually in the 80s Yugoslavia was a country which was different from the other east European countries, it wasn’t under Russian control as the others, so music was available at that time for us as well, as for the people in the western countries. There were a few really authentic 80s groups from the ex-yu countries, which are influential today as well, even internationally. ( Laibach, Borghesia, Videosex, Luna).
If people from other parts of Europe find interesting what’s happening there, and if we are part of that, due to the fact that we are from Belgrade, than we are happy about it :)
We would say that there are some great things happening now days in east Europe, but these are more like exceptions, so we won’t call it a movement, or centre of happenings. But you see differently when you live there, and it’s different when you look at it from aside. For us it was important to move from Belgrade to Berlin, to be able to continue here in Germany what we’ve begun there.

If you wander through the streets of Belgrade, do you see that music is alive?
I ask that because here in Belgium it used to be, but the recordshops over here sell more videogames as they sell cd’s!

The kind of Music we like, is unfortunately dead in Serbia. The only thing which is alive is a cheap turbo-folk, kind a music, which enjoys great popularity there for decades. All the real music shops are closed, you can only buy cd’s at some bookshops, but in my opinion no one does that... everyone is more for downloading what he’s interested in. Music is for free, and its not only a Serbian problem.

You are signed on a German label, Genetic?
How did you came in touch?

They found us through myspace, liked our music, and wanted to release us. but actually we are really suspicious to all internet offers, so a really important thing for us was to meet personally with them. So we did it, when we were in Berlin last year, and we knew immediately when we met Rhona and Rainer, that they are the people with whom we want to collaborate. Genetic music/ no emb blanc is a great label, with top quality music and artists, and beside that Rainer and Rhona are great people, so we are more than pleased with our decision to sign to their label.

I ask this everybody : what’s your fave record of all time and please state why……

Sorry but for this question we cant give you a precise answer. Due to the fact that there is so much great music that inspired us a lot, We can’t mention just one album, but some which had great impact to our work: The Cure: Seventeen Seconds, Depeche Mode: Music for the Masses, Dead Can Dance (first album), Bauhaus: Mask, Death in June: Nada, Joy Division: Closer, The Knife: Silent Shout.

You soon will be on our BIM festival, along with icons like Portion Control or Twice A Man. How does that feel?

Of course its great to play on such a festival, however we tend to give our maximum, either we play live in a small club or a huge festival with big names. Quality is important for us in every situation; people who come to our concerts always deserve to get the maximum what we can give to them.

Tell our readers why they have to see Sixth June on BIMfest!

We're putting quite a lot energy in our live performances. We think that playing good live is as important as having a good record. This is the way how we promote all the things we are doing; we mean here the visuals, the acting and music. So seeing us live is not the same as hearing the record, it’s much more than that, we think it’s a good reason to come and enjoy our live performance at the pre BIMfest.

And the last word is yours!

Too many ways of thinking
To many ways to lie
Who can say it’s over?
I don’t know it now.
Too many ways of laughing
Too many ways to die.
Who can say it’s over?
Who can stop the time?
There is no place for tomorrow,
There is no sense for tomorrow...

From the song: how ( sixth june: everytime LP )

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